Let me give you some insight to who I am…

I grew up around music – my Aunt and Uncle were members of a world renowned orchestra based in New York City and my entire family has a musical ear. I began taking piano lessons at 5 and grew to enjoy all instruments. My love for playing in a band began when I was a teenager and I picked up a bass guitar. Growing up around the city offered a lot of opportunities to play music and music is still a great passion of mine.

Professionally, I work as an Insurance Broker. This career draws on some of my strengths, namely being organized and efficient. Everyday I interact with many people and my goal is to always make sure my clients and contractors are completely satisfied.

A few things about me…

  • Favorite food: Chinese
  • Go-to vacation spot: Any beach
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, watching sports, boxing
  • Describe yourself in one word: Easygoing
  • Hidden talent: Playing drums
  • Favorite entertainment (show/movie): All in the Family/The Godfather
  • Music/singer: Classic Rock/Bob Dylan
  • Kids’ movie: The Little Rascals
  • Kids’ game: Monopoly
  • Favorite holiday:
  • Christmas special: Anything my wife watches!
  • Favorite childhood memory: Dressing up as different super heroes and rock stars every Halloween!
Matt headed to watch a game at Yankee Stadium
Matt headed to watch a game at Yankee Stadium

“Matt is a kind hearted super smart man. His gentle, caring nature comes through to everyone he meets. He is passionate about music and has the best work ethic I have ever seen. He has a knack for history that puts me to shame, especially if we are playing trivia games!” —Renee

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